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We know that finding a dentist isn’t always easy. We also know that there are many people who’ve had less-than-pleasant dental experiences in the past. Here at our Honolulu, HI, practice, Dr. William Lee and his team want to give you the dental experience you deserve. If it’s been a while since your last dental checkup, don’t wait to get the care your smile needs. Dr. William Lee provides comprehensive general dentistry to patients of all ages living in and around Honolulu.

A general dentist is the first doctor you’ll turn to for dental care, so it’s important that you find one that you trust. While our focus is to prevent dental problems from happening in the first place through regular cleanings, checkups, X-rays, and other offerings such as sealants and fluoride treatments, we also offer our patients a wide range of restorative and cosmetic treatments as well.

Sometimes, despite maintaining good oral hygiene, eating healthy, and turning to us regularly for checkups, trauma or decay still manage to happen. Don’t worry! Dr. Lee and his team are here to help. We provide dental care that encompasses all of your dental needs including treating diseases, repairing damaged teeth, and filling decay. We offer crowns, bridges, dentures, fillings, implants, and more to make sure that your smile doesn’t just look its best but also feels its best.

We know the importance of routine oral health care, particularly preventive and restorative care, and we also know that this isn’t always as easy for everyone. If you or a loved one is home bound due to health problems or aging, know that Dr. Lee also makes house calls. That’s right! Our general dentist can come to your home to make sure that your teeth and gums get the professional cleanings and checkups they need without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. We do this for our patients in need to make sure that they still get the dental care they deserve every six months.

If you are looking for a general dentist in Honolulu, HI, that will provide you with gentle, understanding, and full-service care,
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